From 30.11.18 to 12.12.18, the Passerelle Foundation welcomes BAM Festival.

From 30 NOV to 12 DEC 2018


Initiated by Tidiani N’Diaye and his dance company CopierColler,

BAM is a multidisciplinary festival over for 12 days, investing the three spaces of the Foundation: the space Kodon (garden), studio Z – in homage to Zani Diabaté – which will be inaugurated for the occasion, and the Blues Faso.

Dance, performances, video, cinema, music and photography: check the whole program  HERE

visuel flyer BAM festival Tidiani N'Diaye Koopski

29 NOVEMBER 2018


The Passerelle Foundation hosts the show “Trans’ahéliennes” in collaboration with the festival Bamakois Les Praticables.

Les Praticables au Blues Faso, Fondation Passerelle